Parent Booking System

  1. Log on to the Parent Booking System
    Booking opens on: Monday 10 September 2018 at 6pm
  2. Click the ‘book’ box to select the club you want your child to attend.
  3. You will receive an automatic email that the booking has been successful. Once a club is full you will be put on a waiting list. This is only valid for the current term but you will be notified if a place becomes available in the first week. After that time we are not able to change registers.
  4. Year 6 parents must send an email if they want their child to go home alone after a club.page1image3671264
  5. Booking closes on: Sunday 16 September 2018 at midnight
  6. Booking a club run by an Outside Agency – Please download the relevant club forms from the Clubs page. Choir and Musical Theatre will be taking bookings and payment via their own booking system (booking will open at the same time as school booking). Please follow the link on the school website. Basketball, Dodgeball, Football, Dance, Karate, Martial Movement and Tennis will be taking bookings via the school booking system as above. Please ensure that you have had an email from the school booking system confirming your place before you complete the registration form and make the relevant bank transfer to the club (Basketball, Dodgeball and Football will have a bank transfer system set up from the Spring 2019 term – in the meantime please pay the MegaCamps coach once your place is confirmed). Registration forms must be completed and returned to the school office by Monday 17th September 2018.
  7. Once the online booking has closed it is unlikely your child will be able to join a club this term. So to avoid disappointment please book early.
  8. Club Leaders reserve the right to review and amend all registers at their discretion. You will be notified of any amendments by email.
  9. As there is usually a high demand for all clubs, please ensure you check with your child that they definitely wish to join the club before booking a place and is committed to attending all club sessions. Non-attendance causes disruption for the whole group and means others will have missed out on a place.
  10. If your child no longer wishes to attend a club we must have a letter from parents to notify us, although we would prefer your child to complete at least half a term.