School Uniform

Uniform can be purchased from:

Havering Schoolwear
160 – 162 Hornchurch Rd,
RM11 1QH
01708 767890

Orders can also be made on line via
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Compulsory from September 2018


Unisex Winter Uniform (NEW FOR SEPTEMBER 2018)

  • Red crew neck sweatshirt or cardigan (does not have to be branded with school logo)
  • White polo shirt (does not have to be branded with school logo)
  • Grey tracksuit bottoms or leggings
  • Plain socks (white, grey or black)
  • Black shoes (Non-slip – full black trainers are allowed)
  • Puddlesuits and wellington boots are essential

Summer Uniform

  • Red checked gingham dress
  • As the winter uniform, however short grey trousers can be worn instead of tracksuit bottoms
  • Cap or sun hat

PE kit

  • White plain T-shirt
  • Red shorts
  • Black plimsolls

Years 1 – 6

Girls Winter Uniform Year 1-6

  • Red V-neck sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • White shirt with a school tie
  • Grey skirt, culottes, tailored trousers or pinafore dress (Skirts should be of a reasonable length with no side splits)
  • Plain socks or tights (white or grey no trainer socks)
  • Black shoes (Non-slip and flat. No trainers or boots which are higher than the ankle)

Girl’s Summer Uniform Years 1-6

  • Red checked gingham dress
  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • Plain socks (white no trainer socks)
  • Black shoes (As specified in the winter uniform list and no strappy sandals, ankle straps or open toes in the summer)

Boys Winter Uniform Years 1-6

  • Red V-neck sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • White shirt with a school tie
  • Grey, tailored trousers
  • Plain socks (black or grey – No trainer socks)
  • Black shoes (Non-slip, no ̳trainers or boots which are higher than the ankle)

Boys Summer Uniform Years 1-6

  • As the winter uniform however short grey trousers maybe worn

PE kit

  • White plain T-shirt or T-shirt with the school logo
  • Red shorts
  • Trainers or black plimsolls (for outdoor P.E. – pupils will be barefoot for indoor P.E.)
  • Plain black or grey tracksuit (can be worn for outdoor P.E. in the winter months)

Swimming (Years 3, 4 and 5)

  • Black swimsuit or swimming shorts (no bikinis)
  • Swimming hat (any colour but notred)


  • Functional and simple hair clips or bands are acceptable. They should be plain in design and either red, white or black.


  • Small stud earrings
  • Watch

However, no jewellery should be worn during any lesson involving physical activity. If your child is too young, or unable, to remove or replace their own jewellery, please ensure that this is not worn to school on days when P.E. or swimming take place.

If you intend to have your children’s ears pierced, this must be done during the longer summer break due to the period of time lost to P.E. and swimming whilst earrings cannot be removed.


  • An old shirt will suffice for art lessons.

Other items available

Other items which are not compulsory but are available from the uniform shop

  • School book bags
  • School P.E. bags

Please ensure that all items of school wear and equipment are marked with your child’s name. So many articles and items look the same that it is impossible to identify owners without a clear name tag or label.