Values and Ethos

From Tiny Acorns to Mighty Oaks

We are committed to being an outstanding example of a community which is self-evaluating, forward thinking and values all those who make a contribution to its life and work

School Aims

The James Oglethorpe Primary School aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum based on the following principles:

To deliver the National Curriculum to all pupils through a broad-based body of skills and knowledge.

  • To help pupils to acquire the knowledge, skills and practical abilities which are relevant to them in later life and which will meet the needs of a rapidly developing technological society.
  • To help pupils appreciate all forms and levels of Human achievement.
  • To give each child a degree of responsibility and experience of success which will develop self-confidence.
  • To help pupils understand the world in which they live, and to recognise the inter-dependence of individuals, groups and nations.
  • To encourage respect for religious and moral values, and tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life.

The School will meet these aims by:

  • Providing a happy, secure and mutually caring environment so that children will enjoy coming to School.
  • Providing a stimulating, lively environment so that the children enjoy Learning and develop enquiring minds.
  • Assisting the children’s personal and social development by encouraging them to co-operate with each other and by providing them with good role models.
  • Giving each child an appropriate level of responsibility and experience of success, which will develop self-confidence, independence and self-esteem.
  • Further developing the expertise of the whole staff and governors in order to create an optimum environment for Learning.
  • Promoting and sustaining a partnership between home and school that will encourage a life-long love of Learning.