School Council

School Council

School Councilors are selected by their peers through a democratic process early in the Autumn term. Candidates pitch to the class about why they want the job and why they believe they will be good at it. The class then vote for their preferred councilor.

The school council meet at least twice termly to focus on whole school issues. In the meetings School Councilors are the voice of the pupils and ultimately our school. They collate views and issues from the pupils perspective. Then through collaboration they make decisions for the good of the JOPS community that will make pupil life at school a happy and inclusive experience and move the school forward.



Look what we have been involved in this year so far:


The Golden Broom Award-Tidy Welly Storage

The school councillors spoke to their classes and gathered ideas about how to keep our wellie storage tidier and to look after our outdoor environment more. From these discussions we created the Gold Broom Award which is presented each week to the class who has the tidiest area. OPAL ambassadors judge each class and the winning class is presented with the golden broom in assembly and given 10 minutes extra break, can eat a snack of their choice one day the following week and receive 3 house points. 

What would make children want to join up as OPAL Ambassadors?

As part of our Outdoor Play and Learning OPAL provision at lunchtimes we require a group of dedicated and passionate ambassadors. The school council gathered ideas about how to help recruit and the idea of OPAL Ambassador of the Week award is due to start soon!


Future projects planned for summer term:

  • Homework incentives
  • Pebble Walkway for OPAL