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Port Royal

Houses at JOPS

Each pupil and member of staff at JOPS proudly belongs to one of our four houses. These are Frederica- the Red House; Port Royal- the Blue House; Savannah- the Yellow House and Augusta- the Green House. At the start of each academic year, House Captain elections are held, following the principles of democracy. Pupils in Year 6 can nominate themselves as candidates. Each candidate creates and delivers a manifesto speech which is watched and heard by all the children from their House. Then, the children practise their electoral right and vote (through a secret ballot) for their chosen candidate. The two candidates, who receive the highest votes from each House, are elected as House Captains.

Throughout the year, many exciting House events take place to promote JOPS’ school values as well our British values; to develop a sense of belonging and pride and to encourage positive interaction between pupils across the school. Examples of past events are: House shield design competition, House slogan competition, inter-house lunchtime sports initiatives, inter-house talent contest and annual Sports Day. In addition to this, our positive behaviour system is linked intrinsically to the Houses. Every day, in classrooms and around the school, staff award House points to pupils for demonstrating positive values in their behaviour, manners and effort in learning. Each week, the House Captains collect the House points from the classes and add to the term’s tally; these results are announced by the captains in assembly each week. At the end of each term, the winning House is announced and celebrated in a special assembly. Being part of a House at JOPS promotes healthy competition and camaraderie! Here are some photos from our House events:


Finalists of JOPS’ GOT TALENT 2023 (inter-house talent show)

Lunchtime inter-house sports bowling

Captains of Red Frederica House- winners of the trophy in Summer 2022