Parent Booking System

Extra-Curricular Clubs 

As a school we facilitate a number of before, during, and after school activities for your children.   We also have clubs that are provided by outside companies .

The club list and registration forms can be found on the school website under Parents > Clubs. Please note that the information on the club list is correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to alter times, pupil numbers, day or organisation of any club if circumstances warrant this. We will of course notify you in advance of any changes.

Please note some of the clubs already have existing members, therefore the amount of places available will differ from the total amount.

Please note the following registration procedure:

1. Log on to sQuid and find all School run Clubs under Offers.
2. Booking opens at 7am, 1 week prior to Clubs starting. This will be at the start of every new term.
3. Year 5 and 6 parents must follow the link, sent out in September, to give permission for their child to walk home from the club on their own.
4. As there is usually a high demand for all clubs, please ensure you check with your child that they definitely wish to join the club before booking a place and that they are committed to attending ALL club sessions. Non-attendance causes disruption for the whole group and means that others will have missed out on a place.
5. If your child no longer wishes to attend a club please notify the school office, although we would prefer your child to complete at least half a term.

Booking a club run by an outside provider:

1.  Booking can be made following the registration/email link on the Club letter sent out at the beginning of every new term.  If you have not received this letter then please email/call the Office for further assistance.
2. Some of our clubs from outside providers have a minimum number required for them to run. If we do not have the required numbers then we will notify you to let you know that the club has been cancelled.