At James Oglethorpe, we follow the Abacus scheme of work which follows the 2014 National Curriculum.


In Reception, children have a daily maths carpet session following the Abacus scheme of work.  They are taught to count, recognise and order numbers to 20.  They use objects to add and subtract to 10 and solve problems including halving, doubling and sharing.  They learn the names of some 2D and 3D shapes and talk about their properties.  Our environment is set up to provide opportunities for children to weigh, measure and compare in practical contexts to solve real life problems.  The adults use their knowledge of each child to extend their mathematical thinking as they play.​


Children in Years 1 and 2 will be given a  solid foundation in the basic building blocks of mental and written arithmetic. Through being taught place value, children will develop an understanding of how numbers work, so that they are confident with 2-digit numbers and beginning to read and say numbers above 100.


In Lower Key Stage 2, children build on the concrete and conceptual understandings they have gained in Key Stage 1 to develop a real mathematical understanding of the four operations, in particular developing arithmetical competence in relation to larger numbers.

In Upper Key Stage 2, children move on from dealing mainly with whole numbers to performing arithmetic operations with both decimals and fractions.

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