At The James Oglethorpe Primary school pupils are taught to:

  • Become keen readers with access to a wide range of texts.
  • To develop a lifelong love of reading


At James Oglethorpe we teach Read, Write Inc. Phonics.  The children are taught the sounds they need to read. They are then able to read stories using their phonic knowledge. Each class has a reading area and children are encouraged to choose books to look at, share and have an adult read to them.

Key Stage 1

The English programme of study, as detailed in the NC 2014 is based on the word reading and decoding and comprehension skills.  In Key Stage 1, pupils are taught Read, Write Inc. Phonics throughout the key stage. This is supplemented with reading for fluency, encouraging the children to develop a love of reading, having stories read to them and using our school and local libraries.  Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage classes have inviting reading areas, where pupils can chose to read.

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2, pupils are also encouraged to develop a love of reading and are taught through Reciprocal reading lessons, where they are exposed to a wide variety of texts and are taught to answer a variety of questions and discuss the texts, clarifying any unknown words and using prediction skills.  They also have opportunities to visit the school and local libraries and have a class text read to them.

By the end of Key Stage 2, most pupils should attain or exceed the expected standard in Reading.  

Other opportunities for reading through the school include; reading challenges, bedtime stories nights, book fairs, visits from local authors and competitions.